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BODY BETRAYAL - Understanding and Living with Infertility


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Body Betrayal
Understanding and Living with Infertility

Infertility is isolating. Discouraging. Agonizing. As a Latina woman living with infertility, I understand. And I’ve written this book for you. For the unseen broken hearts. For infertility warriors. So you can find education, community, and hope in your family-building journey with someone who truly gets it. From despair to bliss, here is my uncensored story.

51 pages 



“I really enjoyed your book!  As a Latina, it really helped me to understand and feel that I'm not alone in this process and that the feelings I have are completely normal. I do feel as well the stigma of not being socially accepted because I'm not a mom in our traditional latin-catholic culture.”

- NL 

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"I am teaching multicultural counseling and think the book would be essential in lacing it through the various courses of Counseling. As the director of our program, I think it would be a text that can be adopted at the beginning of the program and integrated throughout the program in the corresponding courses."


-Teah L. Moore, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LPC, CPCS, Associate Professor, Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Spalding University

Introduction to 21st Century Counseling

A Multicultural and Social Justice Approach (First Edition)

S. Kent Butler, Anna Flores Locke, and Joel M. Filmore, Editors

Introduction to 21st Century Counseling: A Multicultural and Social Justice Approach provides readers with an overview of the counseling discipline with emphasis on developing a culturally responsive practice rooted in social justice. Featuring chapters authored by seasoned experts and rising stars in the counseling profession, the text offers traditional information integrated with evidence-based techniques and practices based upon key multicultural and social justice competencies.

408 pages 

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 I’m a contributing author to the second volume of Hispanic Stars Rising Vol. II, featuring the stories of 99 Hispanic Stars! A must-read for all of us who feel proud of our heritage and aim to celebrate one another. As the founder of Charlandra Counseling Services, I serve the infertility community because I've walked in your shoes. In this book, I share my story as a Latina to inspire those who might walk in mine. 

Circle + Bloom Guided Meditation Programs

Visualization and meditation are powerful forces that can help you control your body with your thoughts. Circle + Bloom consulted many experts as well as community members to provide solutions that have helped many women conceive, heal after cancer treatment, and achieve other important health goals.

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