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Now serving New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Puerto Rico

You’ve been struggling to get pregnant and need emotional relief? 


We’ve been there and truly get it. Get the emotional support you need to stay the course to get pregnant. We offer one on one counseling, support groups and couples counseling to help you survive the emotional rollercoaster of infertility without losing yourself in the process. 

Facing burnout and need a solution for you and your colleagues? 


The fertility doctor’s oasis is the answer - this wellness seminar uses music and hand massage to reduce burnout and rejuvenate your passion for medical practice 

Seeking to use a donor to get pregnant? 


You have decided to use donor sperm or egg to have your baby, and don’t know what to do next? 


We provide the required third party reproduction psychosocial evaluation so you can move forward with your donor selection. 


Need help navigating the donor banks to make a selection - we can help with that too. 

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