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From Shhhh.... to LETS TALK ABOUT IT!

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Latina based mental health counseling 

Founder Anna Flores Locke is a Latina mom of two who created this space for women to share their infertility journeys and get the support they need during this challenging time in their lives. Breaking through the stigma of mental health in the Latinx community culture, counseling is stigmatized. Many families are brought up not to “gossip” or talk about personal or family problems with strangers. Aside from that, most families do not have a clear understanding of what counseling is. Dr. Anna shares her story and provides mental health tips in a digestible format for all! 

Therapist Statistics 

76.4% of therapists are White, 10.6% of therapists are Asian, 6.3% are Hispanic.

IBM Latinos of Impact

Dr. Anna was a speaker for the IBM + We Are All Human Latinos of Impact Women's webinar: Seeking Wellness: A Discussion on mental health, well-being, and Neurodiversity.


In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, the event featured panelists in the mental health, wellbeing, and neurodiversity fields to discuss topics such as managing stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression. Additionally, resources will be made available on where and how to seek wellness.

Dr. Anna featured on a NJ PBS episode

Watch Here!

She Rises Studio: The Empowered Womens Digital Marketing Studio 

We are a real-life community of women working to become the best version of themselves to change their lives and make the world a better place

ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America)

First national Latino professional association in the United States, established in Los Angeles in 1972. Throughout our 51-year history we have experienced steady growth and demonstrated consistent value. ALPFA continues to build upon its proud legacy with a mission: To empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy.

Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the SHCCNJ is to promote the continued growth and development of New Jersey businesses while upholding the highest standards of conduct and excellence.

Anna's expertise, professionalism, and

engaging presentation style left a lasting impact on the audience and made her an invaluable asset to the


Anna demonstrated an impressive command of the subject matter throughout the panel discussion. Her

deep knowledge and understanding were evident in her articulate and insightful contributions. She

effortlessly conveys complex ideas in a manner that was accessible and engaging, ensuring that the

audience remained captivated and informed throughout her presentation.

Anna possesses the rare

ability to connect with her audience on both an intellectual and emotional level. Her passion and

enthusiasm for the topic were contagious, inspiring attendees to think critically and explore new


Anna's ability to engage and educate an audience, combined with her

professionalism and expertise, make her a valuable asset to any event or organization seeking an

impactful and inspiring speaker.

Her exceptional subject matter

knowledge, captivating speaking style, and professionalism make her an ideal choice for any speaking


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