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Morning Routine

In one day, I might wear up to four different hats. One as a twin mom, one as a professor, one as a small business owner, and one as a mental health counselor. Doing multiple roles in one day is challenging and many people ask me, “how do I do it”. Here is my answer - I maintain a consistent morning routine.

Having a morning routine provides you with structure and security in your day. Knowing what to expect each morning when you awaken is comforting and beneficial in many ways. It is good for your health and work-life balance because it sets you up for success. For example, my morning routine is to get up from bed, put on my workout clothes, have a protein shake, take the kids to school, then go directly to the gym for my morning exercise routine. For me, this routine takes about two hours, but the benefits last the whole the day. When I put on my workout clothes, I have no reason not to go to the gym. When I have my protein shake, I nourish my body with healthy nutrients and probiotics that give me energy and a sense of mind-body harmony. When I take the kids to school (or now during COVID remote learning – I delegate the school tasks to my spouse or a babysitter), I am taking off the twin mom hat to focus on me. When I go directly to the gym, I am engaging in my non-negotiable part of my life and giving myself much needed self-focused care and time.

So, for me, my morning routine is my life saver. It keeps me healthy because I engage in habits that

strengthen my heart, muscles, and mind-body connection, which reduces stress. I also have time to

enjoy social interaction and laugh with others. Most importantly, I can focus on just me for that period.

Research tells us that stress can kill us by flooding our bodies with adrenaline and cortisol which

negatively effects our organs, bodily functions, and gut health. So by having a morning routine (even if it is for 10, 30, or 60 minutes) that includes a healthy nutritional component, a physical aspect, and a

meditative and/or humorous part will provide long-lasting benefits that will keep you healthy and


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