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Benefits of an Infertility Support Group

For those of us experiencing infertility - isolation and loneliness are real. Due to the stigma and shame surrounding this experience, we often feel alone and that no one understands. Suffering alone with infertility is like drifting away into oblivion in plane sight. Everyone sees you trying to conceive, yet no one really sees your pain and suffering.

Being part of an online community of others who do see your pain and suffering because they too are in the midst of their infertility journey is vital to thriving.

Being part of a professional led support group is helpful for the following reasons:

  1. Ends the sense of isolation: you are not alone - you belong to a community of infertility warriors fighting to have a baby. Being part of a support group reminds you that you are not alone in this process and that others see you and get it.

  1. Gives voice to your feelings of shame and guilt: being able to share your feelings in a supportive space is healing and validating. Feelings just want to be heard and honored, and sharing them in a support group is a great way to give space for your feelings to exist. What you are feeling is valid and real, and you deserve a place to express them.

  1. Gaining hope: in the midst of your infertility journey, you are often overcome with despair and grief. It seems like you will never conceive and have the baby you yearn for. Connecting with others who feel the same, and may be at different stages of their journey can provide you with hope and optimism for the future.

  1. Reducing distress: expressing emotions and thoughts related to your infertility journey will help you feel better. Instead of bottling up all this turmoil, sharing them, releases them and gives you a sense of relief and release.

  1. Sharing and learning new information: what better way to gather information and share with others helpful knowledge than in a support group. Navigating infertility is complicated and brings up moral and ethical dilemmas that you never thought existed. Being part of a support group creates a helpful community for information sharing and learning. With this knowledge, you will feel more empowered to successfully navigate your infertility journey and advocate for yourself.

  1. It’s more affordable: the costs for a support group is less than the cost for individual supportive services. It's like belonging to a gym and sharing the costs with all the members. You get more for less money.

Support groups are an invaluable resource for building community, gaining support, and reducing distress in a cost effective way. It's also a less intimidating way of accessing support from helping professionals who are clinically trained to help you throughout your infertility journey.

To find a support group near you visit:

Charlandra Counseling Services is currently offering “Thriving with Infertility” - an online support group. For more information visit:

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