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Find Hope in Infertility with our online support group



Charlandra's "Thriving with Infertility" online support group. 


This RESOLVE professionally-led online support group for people in the midst of their infertility journey.  This support group will provide emotional support and expert curated materials designed to validate your experiences, and empower you to a place of informed decision-making.  Most importantly, it will provide community with others who share in your infertility experience. 


The group will run for 6 weeks at a time.


  • Session One: Connecting through infertility: Introductions

  • Session Two:  Building community 

  • Session Three: Emotions and Thoughts 

  • Session Four: Emotions and Thoughts further explored 

  • Session Five: Useful coping strategies

  • Session Six: Saying goodbye for now 


The group is open to you and your partner.  


The introductory fee per session is $25.


To enroll for the group, please email:

#Locke into Support
Because Infertility Never Ends 
We are here every step of the way

Gain Infertility Wellness 

Infertility can be an emotional rollercoaster and wrought with uncertainty and complications.  Charlandra supports you throughout your infertility journey, from the beginning of infertility treatments, to conceiving, through the pregnancy, and to becoming a parent.  By taking this developmental approach, this program will provide you with the skills and support to gracefully experience and embrace challenges in your journey towards parenthood. 

What to expect:

  1. A thorough infertility assessment and treatment plan.

  2. Weekly therapy sessions, online or in person. 

  3. Access to personalized meditation recordings and other helpful resources.

  4. Support and information to understand what infertility treatments is all about. 


Infertility Needs

  • Psychosocial Evaluations 

  • Infertility Questions Addressed:

    1. What to do with my frozen embryos?

    2. How will this affect my intimate relationship?

    3. How is my partner affected?

    4. How do I help a friend with infertility?

    5. How do I cope with failed infertility attempts?

    6. How do I decide on alternative family-building options?

Services Offered


Psychosocial Evaluation for Egg or Sperm Donor Recipients 


Psychotherapy to help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of infertility 

Online support group to provide community and information


Public speaking  and Workshops

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