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 Anna Flores Locke


 Mental Health Professional 

Ten years living with infertility and I still struggle. I struggle to make sense of why me, why has my body betrayed me, and how do I make sense of what this means for me as a Latina. 

For most people, having a baby is easy.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am and done - pregnant; but not for my husband and I.  Infertility reared its nasty head and held us captive in its grips for three years.  Three long years of tears, blame, disappointment, and guilt.  I wish, during this time, that I had someone to talk to, someone who really got it to share these feelings with and find ways to cope without losing myself in the process. 

I've been isolated for so long in this experience of living with infertility, that I am doing something to change that.  I've created this forum to be a safe place with expert curated materials and resources aimed at providing you with emotional support, hope, and community.  This is your place to learn, grow, and shed those tears as you walk on your family-building journey with someone who truly gets it.

  • Telebehavioral Health (online therapy) through the Telebehavioral Health Institute

  • Infertility Counseling through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

  • Montclair State University
    Ph.D. - Counselor Education (Doctoral Fellow),
    July 2017


  • Northwestern University
    M.A. - Counseling Psychology, 2005


  • University of Chicago
    B.A. - Psychology, 2002


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