Meet Anna Flores Locke


 Mental Health Professional 

Dr. Anna is an international award-winning author and educator who has worked in the mental health profession for more than 15 years.  She holds a doctorate in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor in multiple states, including Puerto Rico. She currently owns Charlandra Counseling Services, a virtual infertility counseling center; and is an assistant professor at Nyack college. Dr Anna is an active leader in the American Counseling Association, and author of “Body Betrayal: Living and Understanding Infertility” and “Introduction to 21st Century Counseling: A Multicultural and Social Justice Perspective”. From her personal and clinical experience with infertility, Dr Anna created the Fertility Clarity © approach to infertility counseling.  She is a Latina twin mom from Chicago, currently lives in New Jersey, and enjoys dancing and going to the beach. Dr. Anna is available for seminars, consulting, group book discussions, and speaking engagements. Learn more at or contact her at